Terms & Conditions

Sterling Terms

Terms & Conditions

1. Only the undersigned person of the contract is allowed to drive the vehicle. If anyone drives the vehicle without the company’s consent the customer will face a fine from the company and any damages made to the vehicle will be paid by the customer.
2. The customer is responsible for any breaking of traffic laws.
3. Once the contract is signed it cannot be canceled, no money is refunded.
4. The customer must wear a helmet by law any fines received by the police it is the customer’s responsibility.
5. Quads/ATV’s: The customer has a 30-kilometer breakdown service from the location he rented the vehicle, if the breakdown is more than 30 kilometers the customer must pay 2 euros per killometer for the service.
Scooters/Motorbikes: The customer has a 70-kilometer breakdown service from the location he rented the vehicle, if the breakdown is more than 70 kilometers the customer must pay 2 euros per killometer for the service.
6. It is the responsibility of the customer to bring back the vehicle in the same condition as was rented. CLEAN.
7. Any damages made to the vehicle by dangerous driving, driving off-road, and motocross driving will be met by a fine from the company.
8. If the customer drinks alcohol they are responsible for any damages made to the vehicle and must pay the full price plus the days the vehicle cannot be rented out.
9. If the customer leaves the key on the vehicle and it is stolen then they are responsible to pay for the full price of the vehicle.
10. In case of accident, fault, crash, or general fault to the vehicle the customer must report to the company straight away and not move the vehicle from the scene of the accident, fault, or crash. If moved then the customer is liable for all damages.
11. If the customer crashes into a wall then they are responsible for all damages.
12. If the company gets reports that the customer is driving dangerously then the company will confiscate the vehicle straight away with no refund. Everyone’s safety is taken into account and the customer must take responsibility.
13. If the vehicle is not returned at the time of agreement then the customer will get charged for an extra day.
14. if the customer damages or losses the helmet they must pay for a new one 100 euros
15. If the customer losses the key they must pay for a new one 50 to 200depends on motor euros


Requirements for a Motorcycle Rental
Renter must have a current and appropriate drivers licence.

For Motorcycle types up to 125 cc Must have at least one licensed year of experience, Renter must be at least 18 years old Either European A1, A2, or A license is required. Visitors outside of the EU must provide both a national and International license.

For Motorcycle types over 125 cc and up to 48hp: Renter must have at least one licensed year of experience, and be at least 21 years old A2 or A license required.

For Motorcycle types over 48hp: Minimum requirement at least one licensed year of experience category A license. International motorcycle license required for non-EU residents

We do not accept in any case, provisional licenses, learner permits or temporary licenses.

Fuel Policy
Fuel costs are the client’s responsibility. Your vehicle will be delivered with a certain amount of fuel and you will have to return it with the same amount. Sterling Rentals claims no responsibility for motorcycle fuel variations, consumption, and mileage.

No refunds
After the rental Agreement the company has not the responsibility to return the money of the rental in any case

Days Lost
Rental days lost due to bad weather, illness or personal issues are non-refundable.

Security Deposit
Security Deposits are accepted via valid credit or debit card or Cash.
Security Deposits From Debit or Credit card will be blocked by us, and the refund will need 20+ working days from the bank to release

Payment Method:
Paypal: info@sterlingrental.gr
Payment Method is only by cash. Debit/Credit Card Payments are only on requirement